Remember those carefree days as kids? Those days may have represented the fittest versions of ourselves, but the word ‘exercise’ probably wasn’t even in our vocabulary. 

Recess was the most physically demanding part of the day, but also the part where we found our friends, laughed, and bonded through play. It was fun and that was all Recess was meant to represent.

Sadly, as we got older, the worries and responsibilities seemed to pile on, as time dedicated purely to play withered away to nothing. Exercise became a dreadful and boring obligation. We created Throwback to change this!

Throwback is a fitness experience unlike any other. We infuse teamwork, competition, accountability, and nostalgia into our classes to make exercise fun. Through our engaging, interactive, full-body strength and conditioning workouts, our clients relive the carefree days of recess all while experiencing the challenges and workload necessary to increase muscle mass, decrease body fat, promote cardiovascular health, and provide for a lean, fit physique.

Our games and delivery method occupy the mind while our clients play their way to their best shape in our lighthearted and encouraging environment.


Ryan Wilke

Ryan Wilke, Co-Founder & Coach

After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Ryan spent the next 5 years in the finance industry.  Not much of a fitness buff prior to moving to New York, he discovered that the high intensity interval workouts he created with a rowing machine were not only a great way to relieve the stresses of a banking analyst, but also a more effective way to train for a marathon than running 50 miles per week. His enthusiasm for fitness eventually took over his enthusiasm for his desk job and he decided the ultimate workout would be to combine rowing with bodyweight exercises in a more social and fun environment.

Ryan also enjoys long distance road races, obstacle courses, rock climbing, and military-style workouts at East River Park. One of his prouder fitness achievements is a perfect score on the Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test.  Outside of fitness, he is a big fan of electronic music festivals as well as awesomely bad movies, especially the films produced by Happy Madison.  


  • Height: 5'11"

  • Weight: 170lbs

  • 500m Row: 1:32

  • 1 Mile Run: 5:39

  • Marathon Run: 3:04:51

  • Max Rep Pull-ups: 34

  • Marine Corps Fitness Test Score: 300

  • Favorite Exercise: Muscle-up

  • Concept2 Certification

  • Favorite Throwback Song: Entire Rocky IV Soundtrack

Brian Gallagher

Brian Gallagher, Co-Founder & Coach

Brian’s passion for fitness began at the age of 13, when his dad introduced him to weight training in preparation for his first season of wrestling, and continues to this day. In his perpetual quest to find the most effective, efficient form of exercise, Brian found the rowing machine to be an excellent full-body, low impact way to achieve great results. As a constant source of exercise and nutrition advice for friends and family, Brian knew he could create a fun, effective way for others to train and prepare for competitions, events, or the just the physical stresses of everyday life.

To stay in shape now, Brian constantly varies his exercise methods and includes a healthy mix of boot camp-style workouts, bodyweight circuit training, kettlebell circuits, and yoga.  Brian participates in races as often as possible, most recently competing in the Men’s Health Urbanthalon, Tough Mudder, and Civilian Military Combine.


  • Height: 5'8"

  • Weight: 168lbs

  • 500m Row: 1:31

  • 2000m Row: 6:53

  • 1 Mile Run: 5:50

  • Max Rep Pull-ups: 45

  • Max Rep Push-ups: 65

  • Favorite Exercise: Burpee

  • Concept2 Certification

  • Favorite Throwback Song: 'You're the Best' (Karate Kid Theme) by Joe 'Bean' Esposito