Throwback is a wellness brand focused on fun by incorporating nostalgic and team-oriented games into our fitness classes and private events

Fitness Classes

Our workouts are engaging and interactive, fostering a non-intimidating and welcoming environment reminiscent of recess or summer camp. There's no other place where you'll get a chance to peg an opponent with a dodge ball, or sink a buzzer beating corn hole shot for your team, all while getting an awesome workout!


Private and Corporate Events

Though a Throwback private event, your team will experience a fun, unique, and interactive way to build camaraderie and strengthen relationships within your office or group. With a field day or office play event, participants will work with their teammates to achieve a common goal like winning a game of capture the flag, answering pop culture-related trivia games or solving puzzles. The activities are highly customizable and designed to fit all fitness levels and age groups!

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