Goodbye Office Happy Hour, Hello Field Day

A team that sweats together, stays more productive together. There is no question about the value of building camaraderie between coworkers. Happy workers perform better and are more loyal to their employers.  Instead of the usual happy hour or long group dinner, more companies are opting for more unique options, like group fitness. We’ve even decided to begin a Throwback Fitness corporate tradition: an annual Six Flags outing!  

But don't just take our word for it. A recent Mashable article took a closer look at the value of corporate outings.  The results: “strong relationships foster happiness and productivity”.  A RedBalloon/Altus@ survey found that companies with high employee engagement levels were to up ten times more likely to see increases in sales, productivity, and employee retention.

You’re already spending 40+ hours a week together, so what’s the best way to spend the time and money for corporate outings?  U.S. News and World Reports found one of the top five most productive outings was a group fitness or sports activity.  We happen to agree, and so do many top companies around NYC.

Small financial services companies like Falcon Edge Capital, to large tech companies like Venmo and Classpass, are ditching the drinks and opting for healthier, more active outings like those hosted by Throwback Fitness. Employers are seeing the value in investing more in employee well-being

“As a company focused on making the world a happier and more active place, it’s no surprise that we wanted to hold a physically engaging offsite for our employees. That said, we couldn’t have dreamed up a better experience for the ClassPass team than our field day with Throwback! Over 150 employees participated, and it was the perfect way to bring all levels of our quickly-growing company together. By fostering social interaction, team-building, and playful competition, Throwback created an effective platform for our team members to get to know each other outside of the office. There were no awkward conversations over drinks or employees struggling to make small talk with their colleagues... Just a genuinely FUN time that felt more like a treat than an obligation. And months later, everyone’s still talking about it! Thank you, Throwback!”
— ClassPass


Our philosophy is simple: Have fun regardless of ability. Games like dodgeball and water gun fights help create friendly competition that will give employees a great workout while sharing lots of laughs. The unique team building games we’ve created encourage colleagues to communicate and build relationships in ways they cannot inside the office.

Instead of taking a shot at the bar, take a shot at one of your colleagues during a game of dodge ball!  And by focusing on growth of inter-office smack talk, you’ll likely find the increased camaraderie amongst employees beneficial for the whole organization. 

Check out our Private Events page to inquire about an inter-office field day.