Remember when team building happened naturally on the playground? Networking events are boring and happy hours are becoming a thing of the past. Host a private event with Throwback and experience a fun, unique, and interactive way to build camaraderie and strengthen relationships within your office or group. Now, Throwback can host inside or out, accommodate large groups or small, challenge physically or mentally, with a Field Day or Office Play event.

Field Day

Allow Throwback to host a full-on Field Day for your group, administering team building games that will transport everyone back to summer camp! Hosted in nice weather, Field Day allows us to break out the water guns for some classic childhood games!  Favorites such as Capture the Flag, Dodge Ball and Steal the Bacon, relay races and a bunch of our own creations, will have your team strategizing and scheming to be crowned Field Day champs!

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Office Play

Why restrict all this fun and team building to the warm summer months? Bring your group to our studio or have us come to you to host a fun team building event that will help foster leadership, problem solving, and communication skills. Events may include physical and/or mental challenges based on your preferences. Forget the dull, totally awkward drills held at leadership conferences and think more along the lines of Nickelodeon’s Double Dare meets Legends of the Hidden Temple meets Survivor - alliances and all!

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All classes can be tailored to fit any fitness level, from the not very active to the former college athlete.

Run an interoffice challenge or entertain clients. Get your friends together for a birthday party or random weekend color war. Host at your office or at our playground. Indoors or out. Either way, your group will leave with a smile on your face.

Provide your information below and we’ll contact you with more details including scheduling, pricing, and organizing an outing to fit your group's goals. If we’re able to coordinate an event, we’ll add a free class to your personal account! 

And check out our blog post for more on the value of investing in employee well-being.


Check out this Venn Diagram explaining the benefits of a private event with Throwback (desk jockeys turned fitness pros, but still rocking PowerPoint like a couple of BOSSES!)

Corporate Testimonials

We're currently #1 on Yelp's list of Best Team Building Activities in New York! Companies like Birchbox, ClassPass, Credit Suisse, Huron Consulting, Morgan Stanley, Venmo and Vox Media are ditching the traditional happy hour and opting for healthier, more active and productive outings like those hosted by Throwback Fitness. Here's why...

As a company focused on making the world a happier and more active place, it’s no surprise that we wanted to hold a physically engaging offsite for our employees. That said, we couldn’t have dreamed up a better experience for the ClassPass team than our field day with Throwback! Over 150 employees participated, and it was the perfect way to bring all levels of our quickly-growing company together. By fostering social interaction, team building, and playful competition, Throwback created an effective platform for our team members to get to know each other outside of the office. There were no awkward conversations over drinks or employees struggling to make small talk with their colleagues... Just a genuinely FUN time that felt more like a treat than an obligation. And months later, everyone’s still talking about it! Thank you, Throwback!
— ClassPass
Our team had a phenomenal field day with the Throwback team! The activities were incredibly dynamic, fun and appropriate for our group of 100. Brian and Ryan were great to work with and made sure the event exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend Throwback to throw your next corporate outing!
— Huron Consulting Group
The Throwback guys provided such a positive, friendly and motivating field day for us. It was great to see people working together, getting competitive and having fun just like we were in school again. They created a field day that made LSS staff put down their lesson plans and have fun together as a team!!! Thanks Throwback, we can’t wait for next year!
— Learning Spring School
The interactive games are great to build relationships
— Citigroup
We are all very sore, and still giddy from all the fun
— Fine Stationary
We’ve made everyone who got stuck working jealous
— Reserve