Many of our clients have lost a lot of weight. Throwback has helped them change not only their bodies, but their perception of exercise. They now look forward to working out, which has opened the door to better health and increased confidence. 


Weight Lost: 73lbs

“It’s such a fun and effective workout that has seriously changed my life because not only did they help me grow stronger and kick the last 30-plus pounds of baby weight, it’s helped me change my perception of working out. It is no longer a 'necessary evil,' but an everyday part of my life that keeps me happy and healthy.” 


Weight Lost: 27lbs

“Physically, I’m obviously leaner and stronger than I’ve ever been. But aside from that, I’ve found that I can push myself more than I ever could before. Being on teams for the workouts stokes your competitive fire and makes you push yourself more than you might have otherwise. You really feel accountable and invested in helping your team “win” the workout, whether that means rowing the most meters or scoring the most points in a game of TBF Jam!”


Weight Lost: 30lbs

“I love the positive and fun atmosphere.  It's nice to get a great workout that doesn't feel like a workout.  I also like that every class is different each time. I lost a good amount of weight (over 30lbs), but more important I am stronger and I can keep up a lot better than I used to!”


Weight Lost: 20lbs

"It never gets old. The class I took yesterday is as fun as my first class 5 months ago. I have loads of energy like never before. I fall asleep more easily and sleep more soundly. My muscles are toned and have definition that my previous workouts never gave me.

The most impressive change, however, is that I somehow lost 20 lbs I didn't even know I had on my body. I was between 180-190 lbs for the longest time and thought that was my lowest weight. Turns out I was 20 lbs too heavy and it all came off within 3 months of doing TBF. Insane!"