Want to bring New York's Funnest Workout to your gym?

Throwback’s “sweat with a smile” approach to boutique fitness has received nationwide recognition. We've been named one of the country's top gyms by Men's Fitness and Well + Good, as well as one of the most innovative gyms in America by Greatist. The Wall Street Journal featured us in a recent article about classes that let "Americans play the pounds away and keep them coming back for more."

Now, your facility can gain access to the unique, engaging, and interactive content we've perfected!

How It Works:

  1. Schedule a training for your coaches at YOUR facility
  2. Purchase Throwback Playbook Welcome Kit
  3. Coaches register on our subscription-based app
  4. Slot NASM-accredited Throwback classes into schedule
  5. Turn your facility into a friend-making factory

Given the high level of interaction during our classes, many clients have found Throwback to be an excellent fit for a number of different occasions, personal or professional. We can show you how to host:

  • Corporate outings
  • Birthday parties
  • Bachelorette / bachelor parties
  • Beginner classes
  • Member challenges
  • Extended tournaments

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