TBF Field Day

Normally we despise office jargon. But we put together this SWOT analysis for you because we want to make it easy to pick an extracurricular activity for your office.

What makes us qualified to provide this analysis? We’ve done many corporate events and accumulated A LOT of data, most recently hosting an outdoor field day for over 150 ClassPass employees. If you’re struggling to choose an event, allow us to provide a breakdown of what you can expect from each:  

Classes can be tailored to fit any fitness level, from the not very active to the former college athlete. Some of our popular Field Day activities include variations of capture the flag, steal the bacon, water balloon toss and relay races.

If you’re looking for a fun, unique team building experience that your office won’t soon forget (or are curious what the games below are all about), hit us up for more info on how we can host a Throwback Field Day for you! 

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