The World's Funnest Workout

Will Ferrell poster. Ninja Turtle dodgeballs. Saved by the Bell lunchbox. Water pistols.  What do all of these things have in common? You’ll see most of them during a visit to Throwback Fitness. Check out the video below and you’ll see why Business Insider calls us "summer camp for adults" and why Men's Fitness named us New York's best gym. Think Hunger Games meets Double Dare meets 5th grade recess meets kick-ass, full-body strength and cardio workout. 

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Throwback Fitness is truly a social place. It’s all about playing games and having fun while getting a full-body workout. Wilke and Gallagher even host classes that incorporate college games like flip-cup and shots of tequila.
— Business Insider
No matter what your fitness level, by the end of class, you’ll be out of breath, dripping in sweat, and definitely cracking a smile
— Greatist
Incorporates old-school games like dodgeball and capture-the-flag into a high-energy workout
— ABC News
The workout delivers is a great bonding experience
— Observer
Not only is it a calorie scorcher, but you are part of a team, which makes you feel like you’re back at recess or playing high school sports
— The Chalkboard Mag
There’s no picking teams, just friendly competition and lots of high-fives
— Teen Vogue
Midtown South’s Throwback Fitness went hardcore on fun
— Racked New York
A fun sweat session guaranteed to be good time.
— Women's Health
It’s all sweat and smiles at one Manhattan gym.
— New York 1