Adult Recess Is Here

A team that sweats together, stays more productive together. There is no question about the value of building camaraderie between coworkers. Companies are beginning to see the value of investing in employee well-being as happy workers perform better and are more loyal employees. Companies like Birchbox, ClassPass and Venmo are ditching the happy hours and opting for healthier, more active outings like those hosted by Throwback Fitness. 

We’re out of the corporate world, but can still rock Powerpoint like a couple of bosses. Check out this Venn Diagram to see the benefits of adult recess with Throwback. 

Here’s what ClassPass had to say about their field day: 

By fostering social interaction, team-building, and playful competition, Throwback created an effective platform for our team members to get to know each other outside of the office. And months later, everyone’s still talking about it! Thank you, Throwback!”
— ClassPass

You can customize classes to fit your company's needs

  • Tailor for any fitness level
  • Host inside or out
  • Conduct as weight loss challenge
  • Compete against other inter-office divisions
  • Train for team adventure race
  • Entertain clients

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