Endurance / Speed

Our signature, full-body conditioning class. The 'Phys Ed' component consists of individual or partner rowing sprints and bodyweight or strength circuits. The 'Recess' portion is modeled after a game (baseball, freeze tag, flip cup) that will channel your youth with feelings of competition and camaraderie.

Strength / Power

 In this class, a greater focus is placed on muscle toning and building through dumbbell and kettlebell exercises rather than the rowing machine. You'll get the fun of 'Recess' in this class too! 


This class provides a greater focus on the body’s power center: the hips, glutes, abdominals, and lower back. You'll get the fun of 'Recess' in this class too!

Coach’s Workout (CWOW)

An intense, no-frills, high volume workout that is performed right along Throwback coaches (so expect minimal instruction). We'll write the workout on the blackboard and all get after it together!


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