Correcting Common Rowing Mistakes

There are 3 mistakes we see most often in class:

  1. Incorrect order
  2. Rushing the recovery
  3. Over-compressing at the starting position

We put together this short video to help you correct these errors.  Check em out before the TBF Sweet 16 Tourney starts next week!  

If we see you making these mistakes in class, be prepared to answer to The Enforcer (our new hairless version though)

More Wild Workout Ideas

We’re always thinking of unique workout ideas so we can keep exercise fun and have something new to look forward to.  Here are a few games you can play either at a park or a gym that will keep your workouts efficient, fun and unique.  We’ll incorporate some of these in our classes in a few weeks.

Stairways to Hell

  • With a continuously running clock, complete 1 dip in the first minute, 2 dips in the second minute, 3 dips in the third minute, continuing until you cannot climb another step within the minute
  • Run 400m or row 500m
  • Repeat ladder with jumping alternating lunges – 1 left and 1 right counts as 1 rep
  • Run 400m or row 500m
  • Repeat ladder with plyo pushups
  • Run 400m or row 500m

Power Playlist

  • Download a Power Hour app (such as MyPowerMix) on you iPhone.  Pick a handful of exercises and cycle through them each time the song changes
  • For example, assuming you have limited access to equipment your exercises could include burpees, pull-ups, decline push-ups, and tuck jumps
  • The first set would look like this.  Note that I shuffled through my iPhone to find these songs randomly which proves that things can get interesting - try doing tuck jumps while listening to Hall and Oats

Hall and Oats.jpeg
  1. Minute 1 of burpees: The Killers - Smile Like You Mean It
  2. Minute 2 of pull-ups: Ozzy Osbourne - Mama I'm Comin' Home
  3. Minute 3 of decline push-ups: Daft Punk - Harder Faster Stronger
  4. Minute 4 of tuck jumps: Hall and Oats - Sarah Smile
  • Count total reps for all exercises combined.  Rest for 2 minutes and then repeat with four new songs, trying to beat the number of reps for previous four minute set

Tag Team (You’ll need a buddy for this one)

  • Pick a certain exercise and assign a certain number of reps for the two of you to complete together.  We’ll use 100 man-makers here

  • One partner (Person A) starts on the rower (can be substituted for treadmill or track) and the other (Person B) starts with the man-makers, keeping track of total repetitions
  • Once Person A has rowed 500 meters (400m if you’re running) it’s time to alternate exercises.  Person A will complete man-makers, picking up where Person B left off, while Person B gets on the rower
  • Continue alternating exercises until 100 total man-makers have been completed.  Keep track of the total time it took you to complete the workout and total distance rowed