A cheap, old school piece of exercise equipment you should be using

There’s a reason why boxers, arguably the best conditioned athletes of any sport, still consider a jump rope a mainstay of their workout routines.  It builds speed, rhythm, balance, agility, quickness, cardiovascular endurance and confidence.  It works primarily the calves and hamstrings which is why it is also beneficial to athletes that rely on jumping ability.  It further engages the quads, glutes, forearms, abs, shoulders, biceps, triceps and pectorals.  And if you want a good calorie burn, this baby can torch between 12 and 20 calories a minute, depending on intensity.

Here's Rocky jumping rope.  Make sure you turn your sound on because the music is amazing.

If you get bored with the standard jump, put on some earphones and skip along with the rhythm of the music.  You can also try these variations:

Boxing Shuffle: Shift your weight and jump to the left and right, alternating with each turn of the rope. Spin the rope quickly and keep your jump low

Knee Lifts: Get a great abdominal and core workout by lifting your knee up to your chest with each jump. Alternate between lifting the left and right knee

Walk it out: walk or jog while skipping

Cross Country Ski: As you jump, split your legs apart (one forward, one back)

Double under: Get the rope to pass under your feet twice in one jump by using your wrists to spin the rope quicker and jumping only slightly higher.

Another great thing about a jump rope is it can almost never be mastered so you should never get bored.  It took us months before we could put consecutive double unders together.  Now it may soon be time for us to tackle the triple under!

You can get a rope at any sporting goods store, but the fastest and most durable ones have a cable and are a bit harder to find in a store.  Rogue and Again Faster have good options but our favorite is Rx Jump Ropes, which we definitely recommended if you're not an expert and want to become efficient with double unders.