Turn Your Summer BBQ Into A Field Day

There’s something about running around like kids again that makes for better relationship-building. Happy hours and group dinners are fun, but the activities we use at Throwback give people a chance to interact in a way that is very different than what they are subjected to in other settings. The games encourage employees (and friends!) to work together, creating a fun, active team-building element and allowing them to bond on different levels. 

Below are a few of our games published by Well + Good NYC that you can try at home with some friends. You can even increase the difficulty by adding a drinking element as well. Check out the full article by clicking the image on the right.

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Leave It To The Professionals


Capture the Flag

Teams are split into opposite sides of the field with the goal of retrieving as many flags as possible from the other team.

You may play defense by using water guns to squirt a member of the opposing team if they enter your team’s territory. If you’re hit with water, you’re temporarily out of the game until you run to a designated re-spawn area and return to your team’s territory.

Increase the physical exertion by requiring players to perform the following circuit before attempting to capture a flag: 12 pushups, 12 squats.

Flip Cup

Split group into even teams, lining up single file, facing a cup of beer (amount is up to you) about 10 yards away.

Starting at the back of the line, the last person performs 8 push-ups, then the next person closest to front, then the next, until the line gets to the front person. The front person performs the exercise, then sprints towards the cup of beer, drinks it, flips it over, and runs back to their team.

Complete as quickly as possible, with the first person returning to their team crowned the winner of that round. Repeat as many rounds as desired, changing exercises each time.

Here's a bonus game that wasn't included in the article...

Water Balloon Freeze Tag

Split group into two teams. For the first round, team A will be lunge walking while team B completes a number of reps of a given exercise (ie 8 burpees).

Teams will begin lined up next to each other and on 3-2-1-go, team A will begin lunge walking away from team B while team B completes the burpees as fast as possible. When the first person from team B finishes their burpees he/she yells 'freeze' and everyone on team A must stop lunge walking. Members of team B each grab a water balloon and may take 3 steps forward closer to members on team A. They then can throw their balloons at any member of team A and a point is awarded for each member hit.

Repeat with team B getting the opportunity to throw balloons at team A. Rounds can be repeated with different exercises and different walks (crab walk, bear crawl, gallop, broad jump, etc).