Summer of the Bike

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We are pumped for the unveiling of Citi Bike, which is set for the week of May 27.  The new system will initially roll out several thousand bicycles at 330 stations in Manhattan and Brooklyn with long-term goals of expanding to other parts of the city and growing to 10,000 bikes.  The program has been long awaited, and was delayed a few times, first due to software glitches and then because of damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

The best part out NYC’s bike share is that it’s only $95 a year!  Think about that.  If you eliminated monthly subway passes, you’d save over $1200 a year, not including what else you would save by reducing taxi expenses.  A healthier commute and a few extra calories burned each day will be a nice side effect.

So far, about 300 miles of bike lanes have been carved out of New York’s streets as part of Mayor Bloomberg’s sustainability strategy for the city. Bike commuting has more than tripled since 2000.  But don’t give Bloomberg all the credit for making Citi Bike happen.  Many US cities are hopping on the bike share bandwagon that began in Washington DC in 2010.  22 modern public bike-sharing programs now exist in the US and that number is expected to double by spring 2014.  Check out this article to learn more about bike sharing programs across the US and the world.

But NYC’s program could be messy at first.  Some co-op owners, residents and food cart vendors are already complaining, stating potential dangers for pedestrians, legality of corporate signage, and displacement of business. Also, sharing the road with crazy New York taxi drivers and a plethora of Seamless deliverymen riding the wrong direction is not something you have to deal with to the same degree in other cities like Washington DC or Boston

We’re also stoked for our first ever long bike race on Friday, June 7.  We’ll be riding 100 miles from Battery Park City to Westhampton.  The after-party on the beach will provide some much needed carb replacement.  Please join us if you are able to take off work – the proceeds of Bike to the Beach will support autism.  In true Throwback form, we plan on completing NO bike-specific training for this event, just our typical back-to-basics, intense workout sessions.  We’ll let you know how it goes in a few weeks!

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