Two Weeks Til Summer

Since we all hope to be on a beach come May 25, this week unofficially begins the period when we start to worry what we'll look like shirtless.  Two weeks isn’t quite enough time to go from Farley to Swayze, but here are some tips you might want to try for a last minute trim down...

  • Eat salads during lunch – avoid high fat and especially high sugar ingredients and dressings.  Oil and vinegar is probably your best bet. 
  • Reduce or cut out highly processed (cheap) carbs as best you can – this means breads, pastas and most desserts. 
  • Buy or order things with a few amount of ingredients – for example, a meal prepared at home will have less chemicals than fast food or a microwave dinner. 
  • Snack on protein, not sweets – try nuts or Greek yogurt instead of fruit; we’d only recommend reducing fruit for aesthetic reasons given its high sugar content, but still recommend it as part of a balanced diet.

  • Less sugary beverages when you’re partying – A Crossfit coach recently told me that a single tequila shot is still paleo.  Not sure how serious he was, but it’s best to avoid sugary mixers like soft drinks, juices, and syrups.  If really serious about leaning up, we'd recommend reducing or cutting alcohol for a few weeks leading up to a beach trip, but if you must imbibe, try soda water instead for your mixer.

Most of these are diet related because you could do sit-ups all day and still have a big stomach if you’re eating like crap.  75% of your results will come from diet, not exercise.  As Arnold once said, “Great abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym.”