TBF Nerd Returns With a New Format

TBF Nerd is back with a month long series of trivia inspired workouts – this time with a revamped format! It starts Monday, October 2 and will run every Monday for 4 weeks. Here are the details...

Nerd logo wide background.png
  • Each week will consist of a different theme of throwback pop culture knowledge – TV, Music, Movies, and Grab Bag
  • Workouts will be held during Recess on all Monday classes; sign up for a class titled 'TBF Nerd'
  • Events will be partner-based and you may choose anyone in your class, male or female, regardless of whether or not they are participating in the contest. You can have different partners each week
  • After each week, you will be ranked by amongst all participants
  • No sign-up or entry fees required; anyone signed up for a class on the schedule called 'TBF Nerd' will be included

We'll have one grand prize winner that will be awarded a $50 Amazon gift card and a $50 credit to be used for Throwback classes. Second place will receive a pocket protector and all other participants will get an atomic wedgie. 

Q: Is this still a workout?
A: Of course!

Q: I don't consider myself a nerd. Is this contest for me?
A: Yes.

Q: What if I cannot make one or two of the workouts?
A: We'll be running TBF Nerd workouts on Mondays initially, so hopefully you can find a time that works for you.  But if not, TBF Nerd lasts several weeks so there is still a good chance you can place well even if you cannot attend every class.  If there’s enough interest, we may decide to include a make-up day.

Q: Can I attend multiple TBF Nerd classes and take my best performance for the day?
A: No.