A New And Improved TBF Sweet 16

Our March Madness tournament is back with a couple changes you're gonna love!'

Anyone can sign up and there is no entry fee.  The following prizes will be awarded:  

  • 1st Place: $100 cash, $50 class credit
  • Runner-Up: $50 cash, $25 class credit

The primary change from prior years is each tournament round will feature a unique challenge, so NOT everything will be based on our 16-minute partner Tag Team workout. Check out the rules below and watch our video of the women of The Bachelor answering the most important questions about the tournament!

TBF Sweet 16 Bracket

Here’s how it works…

March 1 – March 12: Seeding Phase

Scoring: Attendance-Based Point Accumulation

Top four highest point totals accumulated during Seeding Phase will earn the top seed in their division AND a first round bye. You will earn 1 point for attending an evening class, or 1.5 points for a morning class, capped at one class per day. For example, if you attend two evening classes, you will earn 1 point for that day.

March 12: Selection Sunday

We’ll build the bracket here in a similar fashion to the NCAA bracket, monitoring performance during the Seeding Phase to try to make matches as fair as possible.

March 13 – April 2: The Tournament

Scoring: Best score (time, distance or reps) during each round

You’ll face off against 1 or more people each round depending on number of Tournament participants.  We’ll advance people based on their performance during that round.  Each round will consist of a different challenge and will last 3-5 days with the same challenge being run over the course of those days. If you attend multiple classes during each round, your first performance will be the one that counts towards your score. Challenges will occur every class, either during Phys Ed or Intermission, and may be individual or partner-based.

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Use this form to register for TBF Sweet 16. Submissions must be made by noon on March 12: 

Name *


Is it an individual or team winner?

Individual.  But during play, some rounds will be partner-based and require you partner up with someone in class (of the opposite sex). Whatever score or distance you achieve with that person is your individual score.

How often can I come to class?

As much as you want. During the Seeding Phase, higher attendance will help potentially earn you a top seed in your division AND a first round bye. But remember, you are capped to points earned for only one class per day.  

During the Tournament, each round will last a few days.  We’ll accept the first attempt you make that round as your score.

I'm not the best rower so what if I come a lot during the seeding phase and then get matched up with someone really strong who comes only once during seeding phase?

We'll take this into account when building the bracket.  Strong rowers that come only once during seeding may all face each other in round 1 of the Tournament. This year's tournament will also feature non-rowing rounds.

When is the sign-up deadline?

We encourage you to sign up now so you have two weeks to accumulate points and potentially earn a bye for the first round (if you are one of the top four in attendance points).  The deadline is noon on March 12.  Sign up using the form above this FAQ section.

I don't come to class that often so is it worth it for me to sign up?

Don’t be a jabroni!  You have nothing to lose!  Luck is involved and we designed the tournament so you can still win by only coming to class once every few days.