December TBFer of the Month: Lindsay Willig

We’re starting to think she was born with those dumbbells in hand! Meet TBFer of the Month, Lindsey Willig! Chances are good you’ve seen her around the studio as she’s leading the pack in two-a-days since joining us last summer. She’s been inspiring to all as she crushes Coach Workouts, continuously reaches for heavier weights, and consistently holds a sub-1:50 pace whenever rowing is involved. Congratulations, Willig! 

Lindsay before and after
  • Name: Lindsay Willig
  • Hometown: Avon/Canton, CT
  • University: Bucknell University
  • Favorite Exercise: Jungle gym / TRX exercises
  • Favorite Throwback Recess Game: TBF Wild Wild West
  • Favorite Movie from Childhood: Cinderella (did you know you could wear out a VHS tape from watching it too much?)
  • Favorite Throwback Jam: Ace of Base – The Sign (from my first audio cassette)

1. What inspired you to want to make a change in your exercise habits?

Before joining Throwback, I was doing a slow burn strength workout where you work to true muscle failure, but only once a week. While effective at building strength, it made me realize how much I missed and enjoy working out on a regular basis. My good friend/avid-TBFer, Shelley, had been raving about Throwback for 2+ years to me - I had taken a few classes with her, but was originally intimated by the TBF games (throwing Ninja Turtle balls gives me mild anxiety!). I decided to take myself out of my comfort zone and committed to a one month unlimited package. I quickly became a TBF convert and my next purchase was a 6 month unlimited :) 

2. What changes (in your body and fitness level) have you noticed most since starting Throwback / your new exercise routine?

Most notably, my rowing has definitely improved. I admit that I’ve made zero progress on throwing a ninja turtle ball, but if I can compete in CWOW 2x/week, I call it an overall win.

For me, a workout is so much more than just physical results, it is the mental and emotional clarity I gain from leaving the stress at the door, pushing myself and my perceived limitations, and having a little fun while I am doing it. Throwback has been the ultimate find for me to achieve all of this and I’ve been a much happier person since I joined!

3. If you could share one diet tip, what would it be?

Whole30. I find it to be a healthy, versatile, and enjoyable way of eating. More generally, cut out sugar and embrace healthy fats.

4. You can't be perfect with the diet all the time... What is your favorite cheat food? 

My true weakness…Ralph’s Italian cream ice! Instead of a champagne toast with my bridesmaids before my wedding ceremony, we clinked spoons of peanut butter cookie dough cream ice. It was a sad day when the only Manhattan location closed, so now ice cream or gelato will attempt to fill the void.

5. What do you enjoy most about Throwback?

The coaches, coach’s workouts, and the TBF community. Brian, Ryan and Java are truly awesome -  the personal attention they give to each of their members/class participants makes all the difference. I love that Throwback is an “ego-free” gym…setting them apart from the pretentious class environments that seem to dominate the fitness market. I made more friends in the first week of classes at Throwback than in multiple years at other fitness studios. You can feel the difference in energy just when you walk in the studio.

6. Any workout ideas, contests or events you'd like to see incorporated? (serious or humorous)?

TBF Slip N Slide (or Crocodile Mile) in the summer! Indoor idea: Burpee Leap Frog.