Contest Time! TBF All-Star

TBF All-Star logo

TBF All-Star is back! Our first contest of 2017 starts on Monday, January 23rd and is a points challenge where the individual accumulating the most points over 3 weeks is the winner.

There are two ways to earn points: Attendance and All-Star challenges.

Attendance points:

  • Weekday evening or weekend class: 1 point
  • Weekday morning class: 2 points

You can only earn attendance points for 1 class per day and will be capped at 8 attendance points per week. 

All-Star points:

Each day will feature a different class challenge. Challenges may be Phys Ed, Intermission, Recess or even social media-based. The winning individual(s) or team(s) of each challenge will receive a star that is worth 10 points.

There will be 1 final All-Star challenge worth 25 points to be held between February 10 and February 13. The final challenge will be winner-take-all and awarded to the top performer over the 4 days.


No registration required for this contest. The highest point accumulator wins $75 cash and a $100 credit to be applied to Throwback classes. 2nd place wins a $50 class credit and a Sweetgreen gift card. 3rd place is awarded a $30 class credit. 

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