August TBFer of the Month: Andrew Hess


Andrew has only been coming to Throwback since the spring but he's already accomplished a lot. He won (along with Katie London) Major League Recess, the first Throwback contest he ever participated in. He's quickly become one of our strongest and fastest regulars... breaking 4,000m on a 16min partner tag team Phys Ed is now a cake walk. And he's gotten totally shredded, losing 20lbs of fat over the summer through regular attendance and an improved diet. Congrats to Andrew, our August TBFer of the Month!

Andrew before and after
  • Name: Andrew Hess
  • Hometown: Boyertown, PA
  • University: Philadelphia University
  • Favorite Exercise: Rowing
  • Favorite Throwback Recess Game: TBF Crossfire
  • Favorite Movie from Childhood:  Wayne's World
  • Favorite Throwback Jam:  Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

1. What inspired you to want to make a change in your exercise habits?

I was really tired of the routine I was doing at my old gym (NYSC). I was running on treadmills, lifting some weights without much guidance, and had no motivation. I knew I needed something extra, but didn’t want to pay trainers on top of the price of my gym membership.

At the same time, Shelley Russell (you may have heard of her) was continually speaking positively about her experiences at TBF. We work together and recently started dating and it seemed like the perfect time to try out TBF. She was gracious enough to let me use one of her passes. I was hooked after one class. I put my NYSC membership on hold a month later and will be cancelling it at the end of the hold. NEVER looking back!

2. What changes (in your body and fitness level) have you noticed most since starting Throwback / your new exercise routine?

I have loads of energy like never before. I fall asleep more easily and sleep more soundly. My muscles are toned and have definition that my previous workouts never gave me. I also have Miyagi-like reflexes and can catch a fly in midair.

The most impressive change, however, is that I somehow lost 20 lbs I didn't even know I had on my body. I was between 180-190 lbs for the longest time and thought that was my lowest weight. Turns out I was 20 lbs too heavy and it all came off within 3 months of doing TBF. Insane!

3.  If you could share one diet tip, what would it be?

From what I can gather from everything I’ve read and tried out on my own, sugar seems to be one of the worst things you can put into your body. I feel so much more energized when I cut out excessive amounts of sugar from my daily diet. So, only eat 3 candy bars a day! You know, everything in moderation ;)

4.  You can't be perfect with the diet all the time.. What is your favorite cheat food?

Really full-flavored chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Make it worth it if I’m going all in.  

5. What do you enjoy most about Throwback?

It never gets old. The class I took yesterday is as fun as my first class 5 months ago. Also, all the people and good times make TBF what it is. It’s more like a family playing games at a family reunion and less like a dingy gym where everyone is stuck in their monotonous routines.

6. Any workout ideas, contests or events you'd like to see incorporated? (serious or humorous)?

Tug of War! I have seen this at some of the corporate events but I haven’t seen it played in a class. Let’s do it!