Tutorial Tuesday: Thruster

You may have heard that Brian is on vacation in Iceland. Well, that didn't stop him from putting together our latest exercise tutorial. This week, in our first ever Traveling Tutorial Tuesday, Brian demonstrates the Thruster. And as it turns out, Gordon Bombay's girlfriend from Mighty Ducks 2 was right... Iceland is very green.

The thruster is a compound movement that combines a front squat and push press. It is very much a full body exercises that will work virtually every muscle in your lower body (quads, glutes and hamstrings) while also recruiting your core muscles as well as upper back, shoulders and triceps.

The thruster is not only a great strength exercises, but will also improve your cardiovascular endurance. Perform thrusters with heavy or light weight and with a barbell, medicine ball, sandbag, kettlebells or dumbbells. Check out our tips below.