February TBFer of the Month: Lizzy Hubin

Our February TBFer of the Month is Lizzy Hubin! She's become quite the formidable opponent for almost any event we throw, and her recent victory in TBF All-Star has solidified her as a bona fide beast! She's certainly one to be feared in upcoming TBF Sweet 16 too!

Check out our Q&A with Lizzy below.

Name: Lizzy Hubin
Hometown: Eugene, Oregon (Go Ducks!)
University: Kenyon College
Favorite Exercise: Burpees
Favorite Throwback Recess Game: TBF Cornhole
Favorite Movie from Childhood: The Last Unicorn
Favorite Throwback Jam: “Heartbreaker” -- Mariah Carey & JAY Z

1. Did you have any particular strategy for winning TBF All-Star?

My general strategy was to make sure that I did every competition and go all out on each challenge. Because scores were so close at the end, specific strategizing for the final challenge (3 min max of pushups, lunges, and sit-ups) was key. It sounds sort of crazy, but I had my boyfriend, Ari, time me at each exercise and figure out which rep count my pace started to slow down. So I came in with a good plan of how to distribute the three exercises so I that I could hold a fast pace during the entire 3 minutes.

2. What do you enjoy most about TBF All-Star and/or Throwback in general? 

The daily challenges during All-Star definitely spiced up the month of February for me. There is a lot that I love about Throwback: the friendly competition, the camaraderie, the brutal Phys Ed and coach workouts. Most importantly, I love that the classes are never boring. Actually, Throwback has ruined me, because I have no patience for boring, run-of-the-mill workouts anymore.

3. Did you notice any changes (in your body and fitness level) since the All-Star tournament or since coming to Throwback on a regular basis?

Absolutely! I wish I had measured my body fat composition before and after All-Star, because some abdominal muscles popped up during those three weeks that I have never seen on myself before.

Since coming to Throwback, my cardio endurance has improved enormously. I hardly run at all anymore, but when I do, I’m faster and have better stamina than when I used to run often. Rowing is definitely the most challenging exercise for me, but by doing it so much at Throwback, I’ve become a lot stronger in all other areas of fitness.

4. Any advice to people participating in TBF Sweet 16 this month?

Push yourself to your limits during each competition, but make sure you give your body everything it needs to recover when you aren’t in class. Be sure to stretch, sleep, and eat enough. I guess I learned this the hard way...!

5. Any workout ideas you'd like to see incorporated? (serious or humorous)?

Just a few ideas that are up for interpretation: TBF detention, TBF nap time, TBF show-and-tell, TBF parent teacher conferences, and TBF talent show