October TBFer of the Month: Katie London

Our October TBFer of the Month, Katie, has consistently been on our leaderboard and a serious MVP contender in our last two Sweet 16 contests. But it's her dedication to waking up super early (3:40am!) and traveling so far to get to class in the morning that has gone unmatched by anyone. Check out our Q&A with her below. 

  • Name: Katie London
  • Hometown: Newton, MA
  • University: Bucknell and NYU
  • Favorite Exercise: Kettlebell swings
  • Favorite Throwback Recess Game: TBF Relay (But also it's horrible. It's so hard)
  • Favorite Movie from Childhood: The Little Mermaid
  • Favorite Throwback Jam: Whitney Houston - How Will I Know. Unless you throw it way back... then Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

1. What inspired you to want to make a change in your exercise habits?

I've been active most of my life. I did crew in high school so I've loved rowing. I worked out by myself for years and then started ClassPass. But really, I just wanted to be at Throwback all the time. The rowing machine is my best friend and worst enemy. But everything is so fun. I never imagined I'd ever spend 7 minutes doing push ups and burpees just to win a game. But I love it. 

2. What changes (in your body and fitness level) have you noticed most since starting Throwback / your new exercise routine?

Oh my goodness. I'm so much stronger. Particularly on the rower. I've dropped about 10 seconds from my split. But I've gone up on the weights I use too. And I feel like I can see more muscle on me too. 

3.  If you could share one diet tip, what would it be? 

The 6 Ps! Prior preparation prevents piss poor performance! Whether that's meal planning, cooking ahead, looking at a menu ahead of time to get excited about a healthy choice or carrying a snack. And be ok with cheating. You can't un-eat food. So if you eat pizza or whatever, forgive yourself and move on. 

4.  You can't be perfect with the diet all the time.. What is your favorite cheat food?

Chocolate peanut butter ice cream [HEART EYES EMOJI] It's literally heaven. 

5. What do you enjoy most about Throwback?

My friends! 'The Breakfast Club'. I'm not even kidding when I say my alarm clock goes off at 3:40 in the morning so I can get on a train by 4:18 to make it to class at 6:30. (Yes, my commute is 2 hours each way, every day.) But it's so worth it. By 7:15 I feel like I've gotten to see my friends and hang out but I've also sweat and worked out so hard. I love the environment. When I take classes where I live, no one talks to each other or gives high fives (I'm working on changing this, but it's slow going.) I love that we can be competitive but still support each other. And I love that we work out as hard as we can but never judge any one for how hard they work out. I'd go on, but that's probably too much as is. 

6. Any workout ideas, contests or events you'd like to see incorporated? (serious or humorous)?

Umm how about expanding and opening a location out in Long Island, say, the Port Jeff area? That or TBF Sorry!