20 Questions With Java

He finally passed our names test so our next video may be him grilling us on his bio. Check out 20 questions with Java below. And if there's anything you're dying to ask him, post questions to comments.

1. Favorite exercise?
The bar bell snatch because it requires the right balance of strength and technique.

2. Favorite childhood movie?
Free Willy!

3. Greatest fear?

4. Short term goal?
To snatch above 200lbs

5. Most recent Netflix series?

6. I’ll skip a workout if?
 It includes running (I run away from running)

7. Last book read? 
Cat & Mouse by James Patterson

8. Nickname origins?
I got my nickname while attending my first gymnastics camp. The kids couldn't pronounce my real name and bestowed upon me what I am more famously known by, Java! 

9. Favorite lunch stop?

10. Last thing you'll ever eat?
Raw oysters or anything in that family

11. I wear _____ to bed

12. Favorite breakfast item?

13. Last song added on Spotify?
Promise Me A Rose Garden -The M Machine

14. Early riser or night owl?
Nite Owl

15. Favorite junk food?
Gummy peach rings

16. Favorite childhood television show?
 Power Rangers

17. Favorite childhood toy?
Game boy

18. Favorite sports team?
The Knicks
19. Place of birth?
Carolina, Puerto Rico

20. Favorite clothing brand?