The Workout That'll Make You Feel Like a Gym Class Hero

When Women's Health asked us to help their readers spice up their sweat sessions, we said there's no better way than make them into games you can play with a friend.

Here are 3 fun workouts that'll unleash your competitive side. You can view the full Women's Health article by clicking the image to the right. We've also laid out the 3 workouts below which can all be completed at home with minimal equipment! 

When switching with your partner, pick up on the circuit right where they left off. Try to complete as many rounds of the circuit together in 15 minutes.

If you're short on dumbbells for the shoulder press, use a bodyweight exercise like squat thrusts.

Scoring example: If you finished the round of 8 in part A and finished the round of 3 in part B, your score would be 5.