1 Month In

It’s been awhile since our latest Throwblog post so it’s about time we gave you an update.  The last couple of months have been some of the most exciting, yet terrifying, of our lives.  Signing the lease at our new home and Brian leaving his day job were liberating, but also led to some sleepless nights.

Most importantly, we want to thank you all for giving us the confidence to take this step.  With your feedback, we know we have created a truly unique and special fitness experience.  It's been fantastic to make new friends and watch our community continue to grow and develop into something more and more awesome.

It’s amazing to think about how Throwback has evolved since our original idea over lunch one summer afternoon.  We initially thought we would be a rowing studio and never would have thought we’d be frequenting K-Mart for foam Ninja Turtle balls and Nerf guns for our Recess workouts.  We definitely couldn’t have developed Throwback in its current form without your suggestions and criticisms.  Our goal is to make exercise fun and we promise to continue to be creative (and sometimes absurd) with the way we administer our workouts.

In case you missed them, here are some updates from our first month:

  • Partner Phys Ed class records have been shattered.  Here are the current record holders
  • Men’s: 4,266m by Matt Yee and Scott Justin
  • Women’s: 3,633m by Diana Marko and Betina Evancha
  • Co-Ed: 3,899m by Kallie Knop and Yash Shah
  • We introduced a couple of new Recess workouts including TBF Dodge and TBF Kingpin.  TBF Capture (Capture the Flag) now has a version with Nerf guns!
  • A customer and good friend became the first Throwbacker to take a shot to the nuts with a Ninja Turtle ball.  Our next product may be a Throwback-branded cup!
  • Uniforms: Really short shorts, matching shoes, bullhorn and Brian’s socks are getting higher and higher
  • We think Ryan already blew a speaker but still no complaints from the accounting firm directly across the hall

We’ll continue to build out the schedule and we’re really looking forward to some more outdoor workouts as it warms up!

The move has been a big change for us and in some ways, it’s like starting from scratch again.  We hope you continue to give us suggestions on how to make the experience as awesome as possible... because Throwback is just as much your creation as it is ours.

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