12 Days of Christmas Workout

By now, you've probably been hanging around your folks' house for a couple days, getting a little bored watching Home Alone over and over and looking for a way to burn off the Christmas cookies you've been eating.

Well, we have a workout for you to use in case you can't make it in for class during the next few weeks.  Last year, we created a special '12 Days of Christmas' workout for Self Magazine (find here), and decided to follow that up with a more advanced bodyweight version AND a dumbbell version in case you happen to have a set lying around.

Remember, the workout is performed exactly as the song goes and there are 12 rounds. We'll use the following basic bodyweight (Clark Griswold) version to demonstrate.  The first round is simply 1 burpee.  The second round is 2 push-ups and 1 burpee.  The third is 3 sit-ups, 2 push-ups, 1 burpee.  Continue in this pattern until you get to the twelve round which includes all movements.

So here are the basic (Clark Griswold) and more advanced (Howard Langston) versions.  

And if you have some dumbbells and want to try something even harder, check out the version we used for this week's Coach Workout.

Check out the videos below for some guidance on some of the movements you may not be used to, like the manmaker, sitstand, frogger and 3-point plank.