Throwback Grand Prix

Remember everyone's favorite racing game?  Where you went up against Bowser, Wario and Princess Peach, earning points in lure of that coveted gold cup?

Well this month, we'll be holding a similar contest (sans Koopa shells and banana peels) to crown our first ever Throwback Grand Prix Champion.  The winner will be announced on December 1 and will receive a prize package including the following:

  • Free 3-pack
  • T-shirt
  • $100 Amazon gift card
  • Your mug on our wall as our first ever Grand Prix Champion (as long as you're ok with this)

Here are the details of the contest:

There will be one winner, the person who accumulates the most points between Monday November 10th and Sunday the 30th.

Since we have a few different Phys Ed structures, you have the opportunity to earn a point by attending any class and either:

  1. Being part of either a winning men's, women's or co-ed team during a 16 min partner Phys Ed;
  2. Winning either the men's or women's division of a 16 min individual Phys Ed; or
  3. Achieving the longest men's or women's 2 minute distance in an individual interval Phys Ed 

All you need to do is fill out this form below.  We will handle the scoring and provide weekly updates.

Name *

You'll give yourself the best chance of winning by attending classes on as many days as possible. So, for this week only, we are lowering our 30 day unlimited pricing option to $169.  This offer expires at 5pm on 11/7.

Additional details to follow after sign-up and rules subject to change.  Unlimited pricing means you can attend multiple classes per day but we reserve the right to cap the number of points you can earn for purposes of the contest.