More Wild Workout Ideas

We’re always thinking of unique workout ideas so we can keep exercise fun and have something new to look forward to.  Here are a few games you can play either at a park or a gym that will keep your workouts efficient, fun and unique.  We’ll incorporate some of these in our classes in a few weeks.

Stairways to Hell

  • With a continuously running clock, complete 1 dip in the first minute, 2 dips in the second minute, 3 dips in the third minute, continuing until you cannot climb another step within the minute
  • Run 400m or row 500m
  • Repeat ladder with jumping alternating lunges – 1 left and 1 right counts as 1 rep
  • Run 400m or row 500m
  • Repeat ladder with plyo pushups
  • Run 400m or row 500m

Power Playlist

  • Download a Power Hour app (such as MyPowerMix) on you iPhone.  Pick a handful of exercises and cycle through them each time the song changes
  • For example, assuming you have limited access to equipment your exercises could include burpees, pull-ups, decline push-ups, and tuck jumps
  • The first set would look like this.  Note that I shuffled through my iPhone to find these songs randomly which proves that things can get interesting - try doing tuck jumps while listening to Hall and Oats

Hall and Oats.jpeg
  1. Minute 1 of burpees: The Killers - Smile Like You Mean It
  2. Minute 2 of pull-ups: Ozzy Osbourne - Mama I'm Comin' Home
  3. Minute 3 of decline push-ups: Daft Punk - Harder Faster Stronger
  4. Minute 4 of tuck jumps: Hall and Oats - Sarah Smile
  • Count total reps for all exercises combined.  Rest for 2 minutes and then repeat with four new songs, trying to beat the number of reps for previous four minute set

Tag Team (You’ll need a buddy for this one)

  • Pick a certain exercise and assign a certain number of reps for the two of you to complete together.  We’ll use 100 man-makers here

  • One partner (Person A) starts on the rower (can be substituted for treadmill or track) and the other (Person B) starts with the man-makers, keeping track of total repetitions
  • Once Person A has rowed 500 meters (400m if you’re running) it’s time to alternate exercises.  Person A will complete man-makers, picking up where Person B left off, while Person B gets on the rower
  • Continue alternating exercises until 100 total man-makers have been completed.  Keep track of the total time it took you to complete the workout and total distance rowed