Week 2 - Partner Props and Row Off

We didn't originally intend it to be, but Tuesday's Throwback session turned out to be composed of couples (with the exception of one pair) so what better way to structure a class than to have everyone pair up and complete a workout together?  We called it ‘Partner Props’.  Without giving too much away (we want you to see for yourself), each couple had to progress through a circuit where one person worked and the other had to position himself/herself in an uncomfortable (but strength building) position.  Everyone really enjoyed it and pushed themselves, not wanting to let their partner down.

The second workout was a team row off which was conducted as a rowing relay of sorts where half the class was racing on the rower and the other half was completing bodyweight exercises.  The relay was so close that even while the race took about 8 minutes, each team finished within seconds of each other!


The workouts must have really connected people in new ways because two of our athletes got engaged less than 24 hours later!!  Congratulations to Mark and Annie! We won’t take all the credit, but it's probably not a coincidence.  With this track record, the aftermath of gay night (July 9) could be pretty interesting.  But before that, we have America night on July 2 to look forward to.