Throwback Inaugural Workout Recap


Tuesday was a milestone for Throwback as we held our very first friends and family class. Many thanks to everyone that came and for their tremendous feedback.  Wally at Titan Fitness has lent us an amazing facility that made all this possible.  Check out our Facebook page for more photos.

Here’s how it went down.  After some instruction on the rowing technique and some other warm-up, we moved into our first workout, which we called 'Face Off'.  Our athletes paired up and progressed through four circuits - rowing, push-ups, jumping alternating lunges, and hollow rocks - with an intense minute at every station for three rounds.

This first workout could have been enough for some people, but these guys saw it as more like a second warm-up for the more exciting second workout, 'Tag Teamin It'.  This is our own version of the game we all played as kids, only it makes your entire body sore.  The class was split up into teams and the final scoreboard put each within 6 points of each other!  

We finished off with a cool down and some stretching.  Then it was t-shirt and feedback time.  The friendly competition aspects of Tuesday's workouts were the highlights and really pushed everyone harder than they normally would.  We're really looking forward to next week when our class happens to be filled with four couples.  Stay tuned to see how we get them to work with, and maybe even against, each other.