Superman’s Workout

Superman,  after making a pit stop at the Smallville 7 Eleven

Superman,  after making a pit stop at the Smallville 7 Eleven

Like pretty much every Hollywood actor that’s played a superhero, Henry Cavill adhered to a superhuman diet and workout regimen to prepare for his latest role.  He packed on 20 pounds of muscle largely as a result of his 5000 calorie a day diet (perhaps consisting of Go-Go Taquitos from that 7 Eleven).  No one reading this can seriously expect to maintain this schedule but there was one aspect of Cavill’s plan that can dramatically change your appearance in a short amount of time and you can do it at the end of your workout.  It’s called the Tailpipe.

The Tailpipe was created by self-taught exercise guru and former world-class mountain climber, Mark Twight, the same trainer that whipped Gerard Butler and other Spartans in shape for the movie 300.  It’s a cardio circuit composed of back-to-basics movements, done at very high intensity.  It’s so effective because it burns fat and builds muscle at the same time.  And since it’s composed of full body, functional movements, it’ll improve your size proportions like Superman rather than a top-heavy physique like Popeye.

The story goes that the Tailpipe derives its name because “When you’re done it feels like you’ve been sucking on the tailpipe of a car.”  It consists 25 reps each of the 4 exercises below:

  • Goblet squat
  • Kettlebell swing
  • Burpee
  • Jumping Jacks

The key is to take 8 controlled breaths in and out through your nose right after each exercise and then move directly to the next.  Twight and his colleagues say this recovery portion is critical because it forces you to control your urges to gasp for air, flail around, or take a longer break.  They say it can also help you improve sports performance by teaching you to manage extreme fatigue.

It’s also easy to keep this workout interesting by varying up the exercises.  You could easily do jumping lunges instead of goblet squats and rope skips instead of jumping jacks.

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Stay tuned and maybe next week we’ll reveal the secrets of two more summer movie stars – Kevin James and Adam Sandler.  Learn what they did to prepare for Grown Ups 2!