Alone and Eating Clean

Despite the less than stellar weather forecast this weekend for the unofficial start to summer, we are getting ever so close to beach season.  Revealing a lean physique when that time finally comes means some extra attention needs to be given to the food choices made throughout the day.

One of the great things about living in New York is the restaurant scene, and eating out should be your time to let loose and order what you want.  You don’t want to be the weirdo to order ‘just a salad’ at a steakhouse.  We all remember how that worked out for Jerry Seinfeld.

However, there will be quite a few meals per week that you're eating in less of a social setting.  These meals are the ones where you can make big strides in keeping your diet in check.  A lot of times in group settings, meals are often shared, making it difficult to opt for healthier choices.  When you are eating by yourself, it's much easier to skip the bread or pasta, instead loading up on vegetables and lean meats.  When you're having a busy day at the office and are forced to eat at your desk, choose a salad instead of an oversized sandwich or fast food burger combo.  Making super clean choices when dining by yourself allows some leniency when you are in a social setting.  Laying off dessert when you are by yourself is a LOT easier too! 

There are some further steps that you can take to maintain the calorie deficit needed to lean up for that bathing suit.  Throwing in an intermittent fast, for either 16 or 24 hours, is a great, brainless way to cut calories and has recently become more popular.  It's pretty simple:  just don't eat. If you eat dinner at 7pm, instead of eating your normal meals the next day, ingest only water, black coffee, or tea, until dinner time again. This is pretty difficult the first few times you try it (Ryan's personal record is probably 4 hours), but definitely gets easier as your body adjusts to it.  Filling up your stomach with calorie-free liquids throughout the day helps to stop the hunger pangs.  And it's easy on the wallet!  If you're not quite ready for the full 24 hours, try just skipping breakfast and not eating until lunchtime.  Breakfast can be an easier one to skip as it is unlikely that you'll find yourself in a social setting early in the morning.  Check out or for some additional intermittent fasting tips.  

Just remember that your diet is 75% responsible for the results you achieve.  It's also largely to blame if you're not seeing the desired outcome.  You can do situps and leg raises all day long, but if you are eating incorrectly, you will never reach your lean potential.  Simply put, you can't outwork a bad diet.