Start Your Engines


With summer (supposedly) approaching, we try to start our day with a brief (5 – 10 minute) workout routine as often as we can.  Not only does it help us wake up, but it gets our metabolism going.  This is because when we wake up, our bodies are in a low-sugar, carb-depleted state which is the period where exercise most effectively burns fat and speeds up the metabolic process.  Metabolism can remain elevated for up to 24 hours, which means you’ll be burning more calories all day long!

So if you can sacrifice getting up a few minutes earlier for the next couple months, you’ll be thanking yourself in June and July.  If you’re not a morning person, save the meat of your workout for the evening and just make it shorter.  For example, if you typically exercise for 45 minutes in the evening, try 10 minutes in the morning and shorten it to 35 minutes in the evening.  You’ll likely see better results than if you had one marathon session.

With our morning routines, we try to incorporate strength components while getting our heart rate and metabolism up as quickly as possible.  Here are a few workout examples:

Workout 1: 100 burpees for time

Workout 2: 3 rounds for time of

Workout 3: 3 rounds for time of

  • 5 burpees
  • 10 spiderman pushups
  • 15 situps
  • 20 squats
  • 1 minute handstand hold against a wall

Other than jump starting your metabolism, here are some more benefits of morning exercise:

  • It increases mental acuity for hours after the workout so you’ll be more focused at the office
  • Your body will adapt to waking up early to exercise and your metabolism will begin to elevate while sleeping so you’ll be more energized for the workout. More on this here
  • People who exercise in the morning tend to regulate their appetite by eating healthier and smaller portions
  • Morning exercise may also improve sleep quality, according to WebMD