Valentine’s Day Workout


We feel that Valentine’s Day is a gimmick that dupes us into spending money on fancy restaurants and overpriced flowers (although we do have a soft spot for awesome rom-coms like the above).  Even if you are a believer in Hallmark’s holiday, you’ve probably at least once felt frustrated with the routine of trying to get a dinner reservation and the struggle to buy your girlfriend / boyfriend a gift.  So whether or not you’re celebrating tonight, why not try something different and do a couples workout?  May sound hokey, but research shows that 94% of couples stick to their fitness routines when they exercise together.

Simple examples are going to a group exercise class together or getting a trainer for the both of you.  But our favorite is free, more fun and may not even require a gym.  If you’re single, this also works great with a friend.  Here’s how it goes:

Pick a few exercises and assign a number of repetitions to each.  Our example is 100 burpees, 100 spiderman push-ups and 100 bear crunches.  Start with the burpees with one person (person A) completing the movement while the other (person B) rests.  When person A becomes exhausted, he/she gets to rest while person B takes over.  Alternate until all 100 reps are completed as a couple, and then move to the next exercise.  For added intensity, time how long it takes to complete the total workout and then aim to beat that time with your next attempt.

Hopefully this will be a fun bonding experience that also forces you to push beyond your comfort zone.  You and your partner don’t even have to be similar fitness levels for this one! For more couple-workouts ideas, check out Fitness Magazine.

Also, after your workout tonight, be sure to visit Google trends to see which casual dining restaurant won the battle for last minute V-Day reservation attempts.  Our bet is on Red Lobster.