It’s Spring, Time to Workout Like a Prisoner

As it warms up, one of our favorite places to exercise is East River Park.  Right along the Promenade at 6th Street, New Yorkers have free access to a 400m track, pull-up bars, parallel bars, sit-up benches and other prison-style workout equipment.  This is just about all you need to get a great workout.  Most cities have something like this so don’t stop reading if you don’t live in New York.  In fact, Brian was down in Rio over New Year’s and was able to experience the Brazilian version of the ‘Flintstone Gym’ which is better than anything else we’ve seen.


Other than just running on the track (or beach), here are just a few of the things you can do at a gym like this:

  • Monkey bars: strengthen your arms and back by traversing them, using for pull-ups or jumping pull-ups
  • Rings: (supine rows) great arm, shoulder and back workout if you can get your body as parallel to the ground as possible.
  • Incline bench: stick your feet underneath the bars at the top and do a more difficult sit-up.  You can also lie on the bench the opposite way (hands holding the bars) and do leg raises
  • Parallel bars: for dips
  • Uneven bars: for push-ups (hands on bars makes it easy, feet on bars makes it difficult)

One of our favorite workouts at East River Park is called Murph.  We’ve even done it two or three times in a row to prepare for endurance races and obstacle courses:

1 mile run 
100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, and 300 squats (partitioned as you’d like)
1 mile run

Check out Greatist’s review of East River Park for more ideas.

Also, if you’re into celebrity gym sightings, you may not see Kim Kardashian or Anderson Cooper at East River Park, but you may run into Kris Humphries and Fox Business anchor, Charlie Gasparino!