Keep It Challenging


One thing we hear too frequently goes something like this, “Exercise is going well because my workouts are getting easier!” If you want to continue seeing improvements, this should be a red flag.  You should always want to find new ways to challenge yourself.

A major reason why people stop exercising is because they stop seeing the same results as when they began working out.  They typically stick with the same workout routine, which is really difficult at first but becomes easier with a lot of practice.  It’s great to feel like you’ve become more efficient, but if you don’t adjust your workouts, expect the gains to level off because your workouts now require less effort than they did originally.

One of our favorite aspects of exercising is there is no limit to the improvements you can make.  We do this in three ways:

  • Decrease the time
  • Increase the resistance
  • Learn new skills

Decrease the time – If you enjoy doing the same workout each day, start timing yourself so you continue to push towards achieving a personal best.  If you are constantly running in preparation for a road race, do a timed run at least once a week or incorporate interval training.  You’ll be much faster on race day than if you simply went for a leisurely 5 mile jog each day.

Increase the resistance – If you’ve achieved your goal of 10 consecutive pull-ups, don’t stop there.  Try adding one more per week or hold a weight between your feet so you continue to get stronger.

Learn new skills – Bored with the TRX?  Switch to a pair of rings and try to do a muscle up. Then go for an iron cross like Vince Vaughn.  Instead of doing dumbbell shoulder presses, learn how to walk on your hands (this is what we’re working on).  There’s always going to be something you are not capable of…yet. 

By keeping exercises just as difficult as your first day working out, not only will you continue to see improvements, but you’ll stay motivated and have more fun exercising.