Rihanna’s 5-Phase, 25-Minute Bodyweight Workout


Rihanna is nominated for 3 Grammys this weekend, and if ‘best body’ were a category for musicians, we would assume she’d be up for a fourth.  We checked out her workout routine, and you may be surprised to read that she doesn’t spend half her day at the gym, but rather works out for about 25 minutes a day.

According to this article, Rihanna’s trainer, Harley Pasternak (also a trainer for Megan Fox), puts the singer on a 25-minute per-day workout that consists of five mini workouts.  Just like most of us, Rihanna has a busy schedule and needs to be efficient with exercise.  Check out the 5 routines that she completes 5 days a week and can be done anytime and anywhere, with no equipment.

  1. Five minute cardio warm-up (jogging)
  2. Five minute upper body workout (push ups)
  3. Five minute lower body workout (squats)
  4. Five minute ab workout (sit ups)
  5. Five minute cardio cool-down (skipping)

Hopefully, you’ll read this and realize that “I have no time to workout” is a bad excuse for not being in shape.  If you’re efficient with your exercises and are willing to push yourself, you can achieve pretty incredible results with little time.

Stay tuned - in a couple weeks, we’ll review Channing Tatum’s workout routine.  Spoiler:he’s not a gym rat either!