Limit your diet indiscretions (but maybe not this Sunday)


It’s Super Bowl Sunday which means we’ll be surrounded by wings, pizza, burgers and other junk food.  So why be the only weirdo who snacks on veggie dip and pita chips?  If you’re trying to diet or lose weight, this Sunday may not be the best day to fight the cravings for ‘normal’ food.

To see the results you’re looking for in a diet (unless you’re entering a bodybuilding contest…in which case, this is NOT your blog!), you only have to be good/strict 80-85% of the time.  If you’ve heard of the concept of a “cheat day”, which entails one full day of eating whatever you want (only if your other 6 days were clean!), this is a concept that hinges on the 85% rule.  

6 out of 7 days is sufficient enough to get you results, while allowing you one day to enjoy the foods you crave. It’s about creating a balance between enjoying yourself and making healthy decisions.  Use the foods you crave as a reward for strictly adhering to your new eating habits.  Feel free to compile a list of your cravings throughout the week, then on your cheat day, buy them all and go nuts!  Just be sure to return to clean eating habits the very next day.

You will also come across situations where you can’t resist a treat during a non-cheat day. If you fall off the wagon on a clean eating day, just be sure to hop back on immediately.  Resist the urge to say, “Screw it, this day is ruined now.”  Don’t write off an entire day because of one bad decision. Remember, perfection is not necessary or even attainable. If you strive for perfection, you might be met with disappointment and failure.  

Assuming you aren’t dieting this Sunday, we present to you the perfect dish for the Super Bowl - Inspired by Guy Fieri’s new Times Square restaurant and this incredible article

The Shake n’ Quake Crab Cake

Baltimore style berger cookie made from vanilla shortbread, smothered in fudge ganache and stuffed inside of a Maryland blue crab-cake.  All this over a bed of Rice-A-Roni and a drizzle of California Wine infused Donkey Sauzz!