'The 12 Days of Festivus' Workout

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Looking to perform some Feats of Strength over the Holidays?  Try this simple routine that you can do anywhere.  In honor of the Costanzas, we’re calling it ‘The 12 Days of Festivus’.

Perform the following in an ascending, cumulative ladder:

  1. burpee
  2. pushups
  3. situps
  4. squats
  5. mountain climbers
  6. lunges
  7. jumping jacks
  8. Russian twists
  9. v-ups
  10. tuck jumps
  11. leg levers
  12. burpees

Just like the song, 'The 12 Days of Christmas', this workout consists of 12 rounds and is cumulative, meaning that each round of exercises is built on top of the previous round. It should be done as fast as possible.  For example:

Round 1 - 1 burpee

Round 2 - 2 pushups, 1 burpee

Round 3 - 3 situps, 2 pushups, 1 burpee

Round 4 - 4 squats, 3 situps, 2 pushups, 1 burpee

continuing to round 12

This workout is great because there are so many other movements you can substitute to vary the workout.  For example, if you want to target your abs more, you can include flutterkicks, toe touches, bicycle crunches, etc.  If you have basic equipment, you can add rope skips, pullups and dips.  When we did it, we used a 100 meter row for #1.  Enjoy!

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