Winter slopes prep


This winter, if you’re headed to a place where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano, you probably want to be in good enough shape so you have endurance to stay on the mountain for multiple days.  This means strengthening your core and lower body while also working on your balance and coordination.

Skiing and snowboarding require complex interactions among many muscle groups so isolating each through machines isn’t going to help as much as you would think.  Instead, focus on compound body movements.

Try this workout a few times before hitting the slopes.  You’ll strengthen your quads, glutes, calves, hamstrings and knee flexors as well as your core and upper body.  You should be sore the day after you do this, but less so when you make it to the mountain.  And if you’re not skiing this winter, this also works as a great way to strengthen and tone your whole body.

Green Circle: 2 rounds
Blue Square: 3 rounds
Black Diamond: 4 rounds
Double Black: 5 rounds
Bode Miller: 6 rounds of the following…

  • 20 lunges (alternating legs with knee touching the ground)
  • 10 dips or 20 push-ups (chest to ground)
  • 20 jumping squats (bodyweight)
  • Row 400 meters on rowing machine (If your gym does not have a rowing machine, sub for a 400m run)

Go as fast as you can with as little rest as possible.  Don’t move onto the next movement until you are done with the prescribed repetitions.  Keep track of your time and try to improve with each attempt at this exercise.

For added difficulty, take a light dumbbell (10lbs) to hold over your head with one hand during lunges (switching arms after the first 10 reps).  Hold 2 dumbbells for the jumping squats.  This will require further coordination and core stability that should give you greater control on the mountain and help you avoid a fate similar to Yannick Bertrand.