“Cash Out” to finish your workout


Looking for a little extra at the end of a workout to really “empty the tank” and “leave it all at the gym?” Try “cash outs.” Put 2-3 minutes on the clock and perform max reps of a compound joint bodyweight exercise such as pushups, bodyweight squats, or burpees.  Maybe you try a different exercise at the end of each workout so you are able to track progress and force yourself to push harder each time to further increase the reps.

Another variation of the same concept would be to set the same 2-3 minutes (up to 5 minutes) of a circuit of bodyweight exercises repeated as much as possible during the allotted time. For example:

  • pushups (1 rep)
  • situps (2 reps)
  • bodyweight squats (3 reps)

The object would be to cycle through the circuit as fast as possible, as many times as possible, before time runs out.

You can use any combination of exercises you’d like, keeping in mind that the object is to move as quickly as possible to completely exhaust you at the end of your workout.  This can provide a post-exercise metabolism spike where you’ll continue to burn calories even after the workout!