...and bring the World’s funnest workout to YOUR gym! 

Emulate your favorite gym teacher and bring Throwback’s fun, top-rated program to your facility! Throwback’s “sweat with a smile” approach to working out will help build camaraderie amongst your clients and provide an engaging way to distract them from the fact that they’re actually getting a kickass workout. 

Here's how It works:

  1. Request a demo to be held at your facility

  2. Complete Throwback’s NASM- and AFAA-accredited one-time certification (can be done in-person or even online!)

  3. Subscribe to Throwback’s class platform for three new classes each month

  4. Slot Throwback classes in your current schedule

  5. Turn your class into a friend making factory!

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Why should I take Throwback’s certification course?

There’s no other fitness program that’ll have your members saying things like “Taking this class was an actual necessity. And it blew my freakin’ dreams.” Or “You find yourself smiling at the end of class not even knowing where the time went by.” Our certification course will teach you how to run a Throwback class from anywhere, with any number of participants, without requiring you to purchase expensive equipment. Our app will provide you with enough games and programs so your clients will never get bored. And just as importantly, YOU as a coach will have a blast teaching the World’s funnest workout class. Our programming is flexible, non-choreographed, and will allow you inject your own personality into the workouts.

What will I learn by taking Throwback’s certification course?

We’ll show you how to create a welcoming, friendly, and personal atmosphere from the moment a client walks in the door to the exiting high five. We’ll break down all components of a Throwback class including the icebreaker, warmup, phys ed, core 101, recess, and cool down. We’ll teach you a few of our proprietary workout structures and games to get you started with your first few classes. We’ll run through some odds and ends that you’re likely to encounter as you begin to coach classes. And finally we’ll show you how to use the Throwback mobile app and welcome you to the team!

What kind of games and workouts will I learn how to play in class?

We have a bunch that you may recognize from your childhood or the dorm room like dodgeball, capture the flag, corn hole and flip cup. But many of the most fun ones we’ve created on our own. Games may require a mix of speed, strength, skill, smarts, and even luck to give all types of players a chance to be on the winning team.

What will I learn by subscribing to the Throwback mobile app?

The certification will get you started but the app is where you’ll learn the majority of the awesome and unique games we’ve developed. Every month we’ll release programming for 3 new classes, each containing a unique warmup, phys ed, core 101, and recess. The app contains video tutorials, movement demos, and everything else you’ll want to see to get you comfortable running each class.

Do I need equipment to run a Throwback class?

With purchase of your certification, you’ll receive a Throwback coach’s bag, containing all the props you’ll need to run your first several months of Throwback classes. Some of our games will require you to purchase some additional toys, but very inexpensively.

What about gym equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells, rowers, etc.? Will I need those?

Nope! All of our workouts can be done on a bodyweight basis and that’s how we’ll give them to you via the app. But, our workouts are set-up so if you have equipment available at your facility that you’d like to use, you’re free to substitute exercises as you wish.

Can I run a Throwback-style workout for personal training clients?

Yes! Many of our games can be played with very small class sizes or even one-on-one personal training.