Ready to feel like a kid again and have a blast with other Ballantyne members and friends?

Bring the family to the clubhouse on Saturday, November 9 for an afternoon of old school fun, hosted by Throwback.

We’ll have a bunch of different games set-up that may challenge your family’s wit, creativity, athleticism, or even trivia knowledge. The activities are designed to accommodate all ages, fitness levels, and even those with physical handicaps.

It's like Nickelodeon’s Double Dare meets Family Feud meets MTV’s The Challenge!



What is Throwback?

Throwback is a leading provider of family field days, corporate outings and team-building events based in New York City.

What can I expect with the Ballantyne Field Day?

This is an appropriate event for all fitness levels and ages 5+. There are few games that allow participants to be athletic, but most are very mild in terms of physical activity and some are purely mental challenges. The event will be setup to people to come-and-go as they please and pick which activities to participate in.

What Games Will We Play?

Expect a variety! Some you may recognize, like capture the flag. Some are trivia-based. Some are inspired by TV game shows. Others are our own creations.

Can I Bring Guests Outside of Ballantyne?

Yes! Please have all participants register at [REGISTRATION LINK].